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In the arena of freshers’ recruitment, a recruiter is not only expected to get best candidates but also expected to get the job done on a shoe string budget. The good news is that SMART offers preselection recruitment services that make a recruiter’s job a lot easier to shortlist the best and hire more.

Availability of quality talent remains the lodestone for companies when it comes to selecting colleges for campus hiring. The key differentiator here is SMART’s ready access to a trained pool of candidates from its association with over 500+ colleges pan India including the IITs and NITs.

Off campus hiring can be extremely challenging with a large but generic pool of eligible candidates which needs to be filtered down to match the requirement. Here again, SMART can play a crucial role in helping companies to easily filter through those CVs to narrow down to the right candidates.

The unique strength of being able to ensure quality hiring both on and off campus, comes from the core strength of being a training and assessment company and not just any other placement agency. SMART ensures a comprehensive short listing, screening and validation of candidates (in person) before sending them for interview and guarantees that companies will get the right candidate for the job swiftly and economically.