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English Language Training

Linguistic Intelligence Program

Here the thrust is more on ‘Functional English’ with the objective of building a stronger language base for better Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. We at SMART Training Resources (India) Pvt Ltd. have developed the Linguistic Intelligence program to enhance the communication skills of students. This training programme helps students communicate their technical and general knowledge in a better way. It can also help them improve their academic results thereby improving their chances of getting placed.

Features of the Linguistic Intelligence Program

The training programme involves highly interactive sessions and mind-stimulating activities. The interactive sessions cover various aspects of the English language as listed below.

Buliding Blocks Setting goals not only give the student a sense of direction in life but also play great role in increasing one’s self confidence and motivation. A student’s goals can vary greatly, ranging from personal milestones to academic performances and even professional achievements.
Application Mechanics This step establishes a firm foundation in the basics of the language and it enables students to convey information clearly in an acceptable form.
Reading Skills This session gives adequate exposure to various techniques that help students pin down the exact thoughts expressed in the given passages.
Speaking Skills (Part-I) This session helps students improve their speaking skills by overcoming fear through various activities.
Speaking Skills (Part-II) This session focuses on presentation and it helps students present their views formally through various activities.
Writing Skills This session provides opportunities to challenge students in various written representations of the language.

Business English Communication Training & Certification

BEC offered by Cambridge are internationally recognized qualifications that demonstrate Business English Proficiency. The Business English Certification (BEC) is internationally recognized and it showcases the language skills of students to potential employers. BEC is now recognized by over 130 corporate organizations in India and offered by over 120 educational institutes. It is conducted by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

The BEC gives the much needed competitive edge and opens up the door to various career opportunities. The BEC programme at SMART Training Resources helps students master the English language and use it effectively in their workplace environment.

BEC - The 3 Levels

BEC Preliminary Prepares candidates to interact effectively while carrying out routine business transactions, for e.g. speaking to clients over the telephone, writing brief letters, making appointments etc.
BEC Vantage Assesses how candidates can conduct and take part in meetings and teleconferences using skills of negotiation to put across a point of view. Ability to draft letters, memos, minutes of meetings and topics for presentation using appropriate business vocabulary and format.
BEC Higher Assesses proficiency in the use of English for making presentations, negotiating effectively in the promotion of products and services, and in engaging in extended conversations with clients at meetings and seminars.

Advantages of BEC

  • No specific business knowledge is required.It provides candidates with relevant language skills, which is a great advantage in the Indian and the International job market.
  • It aids in developing cross-cultural communication skills.
  • It tests practical application of English in real world business situations, e.g. presentations, teleconferences, Meetings etc.