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  • Annual Based upon market standard
  • Job Type FULL TIME
  • Experience 1 Year
Job Description

Responsibilities and Main Duties: 

  1. Training and student support

To plan, prepare and deliver effective classes to enhance English Language Skills, Verbal Skills and Soft Skills using pre-designed or self-developed course material. To take account of different levels and learning styles of students of the same class and provide an interactive communicative environment conducive to learning.

  1. Responsibilities: 
  • Sessions are delivered according to schedules and are planned and managed as per the curriculum and target objectives, methodology statements and quality standards.
  • Effective use is made of available information and technologies to achieve session aims and to enhance SMART Training Resources’ reputation as the leader in the field. 
  • Trainers maintain punctuality and follow prescribed work norms.
  • Effective and simple learning techniques are taught.
  • Class control and decorum are maintained.
  • Students are made aware of suitable learning paths and actively encouraged to re-register.
  • Homework is set and progress tests are administered, assessed and recorded according to the deadlines. 
  • Students are encouraged to give session feedback formally and their comments are evaluated and implemented where appropriate.
  • Constructive feedback on course materials, structure and content are given to managers.





  1. Content development and editing

To conceptualize and prepare course content for use in the classroom.To edit study materials.

  1. Responsibilities: 
  • Prepare error-free and relevant courseware – including reference material, exercise books, worksheets, and tests – as per prescribed guidelines.
  • Edit existing study materials and works-in-progress as per the prescribed editing standards.
  • Maintain data security and confidentiality.


  1. Non-teaching administration tasks

To complete any assigned non-teaching tasks, for example, coordination or other administrative work, including online/offline test administration and report generation.

  1. Responsibilities: 
  • Coordinating team members on off-site assignments to various institutions.
  • Online/offline tests are conducted either in-house or at off-site locations and client institutions, followed by preparation of performance reports.
  • Any projects undertaken meet success criteria agreed with the supervisor.
  • Any in-house materials are produced as per prescribed guidelines and design standards and stored appropriately.


  1. Professional development

To develop professionally and to ensure high standards are maintained so that SMART Training Resources remains at the forefront of best practice. To support the professional development of other trainers and contribute to best practices across the organization.

  1. Responsibilities: 
  • All trainers attend scheduled training and orientation programs and actively participate in demos.
  • All trainers maintain an individual plan for personal development which may include observation of others, mentoring, reading and research, taking part in conferences, etc.
  • All trainers must demonstrate improvements in competency level over time. 
  • All trainers support each other’s development by, for example, giving constructive feedback to colleagues in support of their professional development after peer observation.
  • Sharing knowledge of the latest developments and trends for constant updating of fellow trainers and overall improvement of organizational performance.


  1. Other important features or requirements of the job
  • Students are relatively free at the weekends for taking up classes so it is expected that trainers are available and willing to work at the weekends. 
  • Trainers must be willing to travel long distances to off-site locations for handling classes. 
  • Trainers must be capable of handling around 6 hours of class per day. 
  • Outstation travel is expected.
  • Trainers are expected to handle extra responsibilities given to them from time to time.


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